Press Release

Transcend Secures Coveted Spot on Interbrand's Top 25 Best Taiwan Global Brands List


Transcend Information Inc., a global leader in memory solutions and multimedia products, has once again been recognized as one of the "Top 25 Best Taiwan Global Brands" for the seventeenth consecutive year, according to Interbrand’s Best Taiwan Global Brands Survey, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

This distinction underscores the company's unwavering resilience, competence, and strategic business practices. These factors have helped propel Transcend forward in the face of global economic uncertainty and various regional geopolitical challenges.

Founded in Taiwan in 1989, Transcend has been dedicated to the Taiwanese and global markets for over 30 years. In spite of continued marketing shifts and supply chain problems across the globe, Transcend has continued to thrive thanks to its centralized R&D team and factory in Taiwan, combined with a sales network and technical support team deployed across the globe. In addition, Transcend has formed reliable partnerships with major chip suppliers to ensure stable product supply, and has long been a dependable support for our clients. To extend brand impact, Transcend actively participates in international trade shows and exhibitions to help bolster our popularity in embedded storage markets. In terms of consumer markets, Transcend utilizes digital marketing strategies, including maintaining online stores on major e-commerce platforms, advertising on social media platforms, including collaborations with influencers—efforts to help promote the value and importance of its products being proudly "Made in Taiwan" (MIT).

The growing prominence of 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and green technology has also fueled the adoption of industrial storage applications. This has prompted Transcend to not only offer cutting-edge solutions but also continue to innovate and grow as a company. Our products, such as the BiCS5 SSDs provide optimal performance, remarkable speed, and solid reliability, while the industrial-grade DDR5-5600 DRAM modules help enhance computing efficiency for high-end workstations and data centers, ensuring stable data transfer for large quantities of data and other intensive applications. In the consumer market, Transcend continues to offer a vast array of dynamic products such as the PCIe M.2 SSD MTE250H for professional gamers and content creators, the DrivePro Body 70 body camera for law enforcement and security personnel, and the mini portable SSDs ESD310/300 for fast speeds and great versatility.

Outside of business operations and products, Transcend remains committed to its approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The company is proud to be a major sponsor of various youth sporting events in Taiwan. Having earned the Taiwan Sports Activist Award for ten years in a row, Transcend's support also extends to various youth athletic activities, including Taiwan's High School Basketball League, High School Volleyball League, and High School Softball League. Last but certainly not least, Transcend has also founded the Remote Area Baseball Seed Program to support baseball teams from underprivileged communities, fostering opportunities for the future sports stars of Taiwan. These accomplishments are viewed as a testament to Transcend’s enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal well-being.