How to select the correct memory card for your needs?

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The most important factors when choosing a memory card are speed and capacity, and you should select the right card based on your device requirements and compatibility limitations. Below are some common usage scenarios with tips for selecting the appropriate memory card:

Surveillance Cameras

1. Capacity

Generally, surveillance cameras have a resolution of 1080p or 4K. The higher the resolution, the more space the files will occupy. Therefore, please select memory cards with at least 32GB capacity to avoid the files being overwritten shortly due to insufficient capacity.

2. Speed

Look for cards with minimum write speeds of 40MB/s that support UHS-I Video Speed Class (V30) to avoid slow speed causing video frame drops or delays.

3. Durability

Surveillance cameras are often stationed outdoors for 24/7 continuous recording, and they should withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, high winds, vibrations, etc. Therefore, to ensure the stability and reliability of long-term loop recording, please use high-durability memory cards.



1. Capacity

Consider the following factors when choosing the right memory card for a dashcam.

(1) Resolution

The higher the video resolution is, the more storage space they will occupy.

Video size: 4K > 1080p > 720p

(2) Frame rate

The higher the video frame rate is, the more storage space they will occupy.

Video size: 60fps > 30fps

(3) Usage time

As you drive more frequently and for extended periods, opting for a memory card with a higher capacity to prevent files from being overwritten too quickly due to insufficient space is advisable.

2. Durability

Memory cards have a limited lifespan, especially when used for long periods and with high-frequency recording, which can lead to faster wear and tear. Please use high-durability cards to meet the long-term continuous loop recording needs.


Since dashcams usually perform write-intensive tasks and run for an extended period, memory card errors occur after lots of use. We suggest you format the memory card quarterly for the best recording performance. All data stored in the memory card will be erased after formatting; therefore, please back up your data before the operation.


Mobile Phones and Handheld Game Consoles

For optimal performance on cellphones and portable gaming consoles, it's essential to have quick read and write speeds.

Choosing memory cards with an A1 or A2 rating is recommended to improve the overall user experience by allowing for faster app and game loading times.

Note: The A1 and A2 standard set by the SD Association for SD and microSD cards specify the cards' minimum random/sequential read and write performance, which can effectively evaluate the cards' suitability for mobile phones and handheld consoles.


Photography and 4K Video Recording

1. Capacity

Recording an hour of 4K video uses about 45GB of storage space, far more than the 23GB needed for 1080p. Thus, selecting an appropriate capacity based on your recording needs is necessary when deciding which memory cards to purchase.

2. Speed

Since many newer cameras use 120fps to record 4K video, high-speed memory cards that can support high bit rates and high-quality video would be necessary. Choose cards with a Speed Class of U3, V30, or higher.

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